Instagram and YouTube and which is better for self or brand promotion

There are many debates as to which platform is better for marketing and distributing content that would ultimately serve towards you bolstering your foothold on that specific social network. While Facebook and Twitter remain valuable resources and tools at the same time, most people that are heavily invested into social media exploitation recognize the fact that these two don’t have to be the only ones used. There are others such as YouTube or Instagram which can provide a highly significant boost to one’s follower count and overall popularity. This drives many people towards the option to buy Instagram likes for example.

While again, having both active would be the best idea, for many it is just undoable for the simple fact that it would be too time consuming and it would ultimately means that content quality from one would need to be sacrificed in favor of the other getting content as well.

That being said, many are wondering which of the two, YouTube and Instagram, would make a better choice. Towards finding that answer, we will explore the different pros and cons, so that in the end you might choose for yourself and personally establish which serves your needs better.

Instagram is an overall better app for pictures while YouTube specializes in videos. This can be a decisive detail already, based on what it is that you want to show to the world.

Instagram is much faster when it comes to submitting new content, as YouTube requires users wait and go through the process of uploading videos. There is also the editing process, which can take even as much as a week, depending on the video. Video editing is required and always seen in higher end YouTube productions simply because you must offer consumers a certain level of quality.

YouTube can be a much better choice for when it comes to storing data and making sure your messages and content are there for whenever someone wants to access them, this giving way to another feature which is the ability of deploying lengthier content. On Instagram, you are rather limited with the size of what you submit.

On the other hand, Instagram is better for short, compact messages that get the point of a message across in just the appropriate amount of words/frames. Sometimes, less is more, and the kind of people you are trying to sway might appreciate that.

These are just some of the things that could influence your choice. Whatever you go with however, it is imperative that you provide quality content and that you add the platform in a positive way in order to get community recognition. Otherwise, there might not be any room for self or brand promotion.