Reasons Why You’re Not Buying Expensive Smart phones

This day who do not have smart phones, almost everyone already has a smart phone, including you, Indeed technological developments we can not take it anymore. Each year, smartphone companies are always competing in releasing their smart phone innovation. It is also directly proportional to the interest of consumers to experience the latest smart phone technology. So do not be surprised if now elementary school children already wearing a Iphone. Conserve your spending by visiting The question is important not for buy the latest smart phone, which certainly cost a fortune? Especially for students who live still pending remittances boarding beginning of the month? This is why you do not need to buy an expensive smart phone, check it out.

Just add overbearing

What to do at will arrogant, when you have the latest smart phones and expensive. Almost certainly no pride in your heart, keeps the edges would be so arrogant. So, arrogant also right that you can. So, do not be surprised today, many people have the intention to buy a smart phone just for style and just trend participate, let me say cool. That is forcing more parents make pay mother, yes already, add again with the pride and sin.

Just Splurging money

If you could only eat every day in Burger Store, why you buy goods that exorbitant price. Nothing good. Better right money you have use for things that are more important. For example, buy a book to let me add Smart. Another story is if you’ve become rich and successful young entrepreneurs, do not want to buy any problem. So, just wise little.

Can not used

Buy luxury smartphone but just for a telephone and chat? What are you doing? It’s called a waste of money. This is a smart phone that just purchase intention, just for style, but clueless. Don’t try this, instead you’ll called friend. So, if you want to buy something that more thinking again. Make your brain will create what the heck? From the next also futile ends, not maximum used.

If Lost immediately cry

If you only lost mobile phones worth 500, certainly unusual response you wrote it? It’s different if lost Iphone 6s right? So from the next things happen that do not want and will make you cry 3 days and 3 nights. You better buy a cheap smart phone just right.

Damaged costly to fix it

Some say, cheap smart phones that easily damaged. So buy all that expensive more better wrote. Says who? If according to the author anyway, it depends on used. Anyway, once damaged if expensive smartphones certainly very expensive repair costs. In fact, sometimes, more expensive than the price of the smartphone itself. Well, if may you are the ‘easy’ broke the goods. More better buy cheap, if broken just buy a new anymore.

Each year there are going to be great

How can follower trend that every year there will be a new smart phone even better? Yes locker period each year again. Well, from the current bring, you must declare attitude. Because if already bring flow, you also would be hard edges. Money from where to buy the latest mobile phones every year? Parents want you dizzy because your request is excessive.