Unidentified Flying Humanoid Sightings And Theories (2)

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The orbit of the bizarre trans-Neptunian celestial physique called Sedna offers more food for thought. Sedna is among the furthest recognized objects in our photo voltaic system, and it follows an elongated orbit which takes longer than every other large body in our solar system. There are several theories to clarify this orbit, one being the presence of a massive planet on the fringes of our photo voltaic system.

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Dwelling close to an lively Air Power Base we see plenty of contrails within the skies over our town. After I taught science and we covered weather and cloud formation, I might take the students outdoors on a clear day and present them the contrails and explain how they were much like and how hey differed from natural clouds. Had been I to teach on that subject once more, I would be glad to use your Hub as a supply.

The article from this present day in 1911 experiences on the content of a paper that was read earlier than the Institute of Vehicle Engineers, exhibiting statistically how in the brief space of 5 years, gross sales of commercial cars in London had gone from an insignificant number to levels that sounded the death knell for horse drawn commercial transport.