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I had the chance to speak to a gaggle at a university not too long ago about innovation. Actually, I’ve spoken to 4 universities about innovation in the previous few months. There’s a rising consciousness that innovation must occur in university settings. This would come with innovation on the administration of the college, within the teaching methods and in what’s taught. However that is a sideline to what I need to write about today.

Hello Nell- glad you’re up and around. I was a bit under the climate after Christmas myself. We’re buried in over a foot of snow and I’ll take photos and publish them on my next Hub. We fashionable males have such false delight in the accomplishment of others. I couldn’t make a battery in 1,000,000 years- but I can make a poem. Thank God for any reward. These innovations are superb. DaVinci designed the helicopter and submarine 500 years in the past. There have been geniuses born to each age. Why do we think we are so special? That could be a nice query.

Mod Math is a FREE app, that provides you with graph paper and a calculator-like consumer interface geared toward typical users with dyslexia and dysgraphia relatively than customers with extra advanced motor issues. You may shade alternating columns or rows for higher visual discrimination, as well as spotlight a single row or column. It will do fractions, carrying, borrowing, and cancels, however not roots, exponents, and simple algebra (as does Panther’s Math Paper above). ModMath 2.0 is underneath development — model 2 will do algebra.

And we see that by 1892 New England has moved to being firmly centrist and establishment. The South is both concurrently to the left and right of New England. It attracts greater help both for Cleveland and Weaver. The center of left-wing progressive support is now the frontier plain states, Weaver attracts his largest support from from these states. New England prefers their president not too-right, not too left, basic outdated Whigs.

This is the key sauce. This is what’s missing from the Obamacare marketplaces. There may be room for added tinkering with networks, but it surely won’t be enough. The only strategy to convey costs down is to attack the supply chain. Like Walmart. Like Medicaid. But you can’t do it if you need to compete in earnest, because you’ll lose all your suppliers. Everyone has to do it collectively, and that might be collusion. So that you both merge & acquire till you are the sole insurance provider in a market, otherwise you make the federal government do it for you. Both method, we end up with a marketplace of Medicaid plans. Like Healthy Louisiana.